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The S318 is an end-loaded bat and built for hitters with lots of wood bat experience. We do not recommend the S318 for hitters just getting into swinging wood as the extra end-load, and durability could be an issue. Tapered is the traditional knob for this bat. (.92” handle)

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Batsmith Hits Different

Professional Grade Wood

We only use the very best wood to give you the highest quality product.

Fully Customizable

Use our bat builder to dial your bat in just how you like it. Customize length, drop weight, handle and barell colors/finishes, grip, and more.

30 Day Warranty

We all know that wood bats come with the risk of breaking. To help protect your investment we provide a one-time, 30 day, limited warranty. It is effective from the day of delivery or date of retail purchase for baseball, softball, youth pro build and fungos. No registration is required. 

Hand Crafted in The USA

We proudly make all of our bats by hand in the great state of Utah, USA.

"American Batsmith bats are the greatest wood bats I have ever used."

Oklahoma State University

  • American Batsmith puts some of the hardest, most durable wood I’ve ever used over my career. I’ve swung just about every bat out there at one time or another. Batsmith will give you the best lumber the public can get their hands on. Plus they do the best color ways!!

    Taylor Snyder
    Colorado Rockies

  • American Batsmith doesn’t just give you a model and that’s the model, they allow you to customize the model almost to make your own designer bat from handle to taper. I haven’t had a bat that I’ve truly said is perfect until I picked up some American Batsmith Lumber!

    Grand Scholzen
    University of the Pacific Commit

  • I’ve used a lot of wood bats and American Batsmith is up there with the best of them. The quality of wood is consistent and long lasting! They also give players the opportunity to customize every part of the bat from the color way all the way down to the type of knob you prefer.

    Kaden Carpenter
    University of Utah Baseball

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