30 day Limited Warranty

We all know that wood bats come with the risk of breaking. To help protect your investment we provide a one-time, 30 day, limited warranty. It is effective from the day of delivery or date of retail purchase for baseball, softball, youth pro build and fungos. No registration is required. 

Just send pics or video to claim your warranty

Pictures need to clearly show the entire bat all the way around.
Email the images to evan@americanbatsmith.com
Subject line: Warranty Claim (order number)(Last name)
Include in the email: 

Order number and date, or picture of your receipt if bought from a retail store.  Close up picture of the engraving.  

After pictures are submitted

A staff member will review the pictures and make a determination within 2 business days. 


If the pictures show that the bat was struck in the red areas shown above then the break was most likely due to hitter error and the warranty is void.  The warranty will also be void if the bat shows any signs of abuse.  If the pictures show no signs of being struck in the red areas then we must assume that there was a defect in the wood that was undetectable prior to use; and another bat of the exact same model, color, and engraving will be placed at the top of our manufacturing queue.  To protect against program abuse, the replacement bat does not include a warranty.

Warranty exceptions

  • Team or shared bats, utilized by more than one person do not carry a warranty.
  • Bats that have either the handle or barrel left raw (meaning no clear coat, matte black, or sealed raw finish) do not carry a warranty.  When wood is left raw it tends to lose moisture content and strength.