About Us

Our Story

Some of our fondest memories are in our childhood, and ours was making baseball bats out of broken shovel handles, carving in knobs with an Old Timer knife until the feel in our hands was just right. We’d spend countless hours hitting rocks in our driveway with these rudimental, yet comfortable shovel handle bats. What else do you do when you’re a kid? Explore, dream, experiment, build, perform. Never be bored!!

Years later as life seems to mysteriously come back around, sometimes you take notice of childhood experiments and memories. Events can spark a recollection of emotions of the past. We believe everything is for a reason and nothing is really happenstance, our childhood wasn't happenstance and was full of dreams and purpose waiting to be fulfilled into great possibilities. Stumbling onto an old lathe and some craftsman making a baseball bat did just that. Memories come back, momentum builds, and you launch.

American Batsmith is a product of the above. Blessed with experiences never forgotten, friendships, family, and a stroke of deity, we have launched a bat company to provide the dreamer or the hard worker with excellent quality and impeccable passion to improve the hitter. Our bats are an extension of your hands. We want to be with you when you get your shot to perform wherever you are.

Only the best--ink dot professional standard approved--wood is used, Maple, Ash, and Birch ensuring everyone knows and hears your bat is distinct. Being distinctly different is OK, humorously I bet we’ve hit more rocks than baseballs! Let us be your bat provider now and forever casting quality, memories, and passion in your game-play and life.